Gros plan d'une bouteille goodies en plastique et liège recyclée dans un milieu naturel

The eco-responsible resolutions of 2024

Promotional items made from recyclable materials, gifts sourced from local craftsmanship, sustainable or biodegradable goodies, useful accessories, ethical gifts… the entire universe of My Gift goodies accompanies you in this new year of 2024 placed under the sign of “communicating less, but better”.

So, why not take advantage of this new year to adopt more ecological practices? My Gift offers you 5 ideas for eco-responsible resolutions to integrate into your promotional communication strategy.

Eco-responsible resolution #1: create connections with corporate gifts sourced from local craftsmanship

Reduced carbon footprint, support for local artisans and businesses, quality and durability, sustainable goodies made in France or made in Switzerland have (almost) everything going for them! Among our local partners, opt for ethical and eco-designed gifts for an assured ecological success with your prospects.

My Gift’s Favorite Pick:

Combine beautiful craftsmanship and promotional goodies with this iconic piece from our beautiful Switzerland to promote your brand to both young and old. Guaranteed goodies made with love and by hand in Switzerland, crafted from 100% Swiss FSC certified wood, with 100% natural colors and customizable with your logo.

Vache personnalisée Made in Suisse

Eco-Responsible Resolution #2: Offer Useful and Durable Accessories to Reduce Waste

Buying bottled water, drinking coffee in non-recyclable disposable plastic cups, or even adding a plastic straw to your favorite drink… These are actions that seem unthinkable today at a time when it is urgent to reduce our waste. My Gift is committed every day to accompany companies in moving away from the disposable culture and opting for eco-designed, durable, and ethical goodies.

My Gift’s Favorites:

Take your coffee everywhere with you in a mug with a lid made from recycled PP, GRS certified, guaranteeing a fully certified supply chain for recycled materials.

Reduce food waste and waste with the range of lunch boxes, bottles, and reusable accessories. Enjoy more ecological snacks without plastic packaging or your own homemade zero-waste snack.

More than just an ordinary reusable water bottle, the 450ml Dopper Original is made in the Netherlands with 100% renewable energy. A true sustainability icon available in plastic, stainless steel, and glass.

Un mug personnalisé pratique et design de couleur verte à offrir comme cadeau d'entreprise
Une bouteille d'eau goodies avec logo aux coloris gris et transparent pour une tendance design

Eco-Responsible Resolution #3: Encourage Eco-Friendly Practices in the Workplace and Promote Sustainable Mobility with Well-Thought-Out Goodies

In the office, every employee has a role to play in environmental conservation. Lowering heating or limiting air conditioning in offices, sorting waste, printing on PEFC certified papers, using the greenest possible high-tech products, commuting to the office by bike, and even telecommuting! Thoughtfully designed to combine utility, durability, and ecology, some accessories and corporate gifts accompany you every day to reduce your ecological impact in the office.

My Gift’s Favorite:

Essential accessory for bike commuting: the bag to take with you everywhere during your bike rides to the office.

Un sac de transport ou sacoche de vélo à personnaliser pour offrir comme objet promotionnel d'entreprise

Eco-Responsible Resolution #4: Promote Your Brand with Eco-Designed Promotional Items

It is essential for My Gift to offer eco-designed promotional items, given the alarming situation for our planet. Therefore, prioritize a more environmentally friendly communication by choosing ecological plant-based materials or production processes that save thousands of liters of water.

My Gift’s Favorite: Eco-designed umbrella made from recycled plastic bottles.

Don’t be afraid of getting wet anymore. The strongest rainstorm is no match for this 30-inch manual umbrella. It features a comfortable EVA handle. Mast and ribs made of fiberglass for added durability. Storm resistant. This umbrella has saved 7 liters of water and is made from 11.8 PET bottles (500ml).

Un parapluie publicitaire personnalisé d'un logo et composé de matériaux recyclés

Eco-Responsible Resolution #5: Treat Yourself to Ethical Corporate Gifts


More and more companies are subjecting their manufacturing processes to ISO 14001 standards, a framework that defines strict production rules within an environmental management system.

Obtaining this certification by our partner companies is a good indicator of compliance with environmental and social rules. Thus, it guarantees principles of non-discrimination, combating child labor, fighting corruption, wage withholding, and ensures a healthy work environment. My Gift favors production in Switzerland and Europe and only references ethical and sustainable promotional items.

My Gift’s Favorite: Healthy and ethical cosmetics

Take care of your employees with this Made in Europe travel set. Offer a relaxing moment with a vegan shower gel, shampoo, and face scrub, made from plant-based ingredients and manufactured with respect for living beings.

Un ensemble de goodies pour un pack bien-être composé d'une bougie et d'un diffuseur d'encens de la marque Jasmine et personnalisés par MyGift

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