Welcome pack, the box that says: Welcome!

With an onboarding goodies pack, you are sure to make an impression when recruiting your next employee. But not only that! In the form of a gift box, the welcome pack is an attention that will delight your prospects, clients and employees.

What is a Welcome pack?

The welcome pack or welcome kit consists of practical and aesthetic objects stamped with your company logo and/or a positive message. The gift is beautifully packaged in a customised box or fabric bag. It is intended for:

  • your employees;
  • your visitors during professional events;
  • your establishments’ customers (hotels, spas, holiday clubs, etc.).

The aim is to please. Everyone wins: this gratifying gesture generates pleasure for the recipient and the company conveys a generous brand image.

Why offer a welcome pack?

In a company, offering a welcome pack means enhancing the professional relationship. Because it plays on emotions, communication through promotional items is powerful: people are happy to receive a gift, and happy customers are the ones who generate good sales!

The goodies in the welcome pack leave a modern and positive impression of the company on various occasions:

To welcome a newcomer:

give your latest recruits special care with gifts that will put a smile on their face. They will feel part of the adventure from their first day thanks to a kit made up of essential items to get their work off to a good start. Notebook, pen, USB charger, T-shirt, … and even a mug to meet their new team over coffee.

To celebrate a professional event:

by giving away goodies, you are building your employer brand. Better still, it’s an easy way to get people interested and leave them with a memento of your company to take home. Who hasn’t walked around with a promotional pen?

To make your clients happy:

quite simply! Taking care of your customers means giving them personal attention that adds value to the relationship. Gratified customers are loyal customers.

To thank visitors / customers / prospects:

this gratitude will strengthen your bonds of trust. Your target will feel privileged and in some way indebted.

What goodies to put in a Welcome pack

MyGift offers a wide range of goodies to complement your “à la carte” welcome pack:

There are the essentials:

Gourds, Mouse mat, Bluetooth headphones or earphones, USB flash-drives, Mug, Pens, Notebooks, Bag / tote bag, Cap…

And the most originals:

Hands-free kit, Backpack, satchel, Solar charger, Backup battery, Polo shirt, sweater, Umbrella, Add to cart…

And much more! At MyGift, your imagination is the limit.

When to offer a welcome pack?

The corporate welcome pack can be given on many occasions in the course of one’s working life. Gifts are always welcome!

The arrival of a new employee in the company

The company welcome pack is recommended to give your new employee a warm welcome. This welcome pack is useful for:

  • compiling the essential tools for taking up a post, even when teleworking; ;
  • feeling good in the office ;
  • travelling with everything you need for a client meeting;
  • promoting the employer brand.


The welcome pack goodies make it easy to spread the company’s values at your professional events. They allow:

  • to offer a pack on a stand or at the entrance to a trade fair;
  • to thank visitors and prospects who have shown interest in you;
  • to offer promotional gifts as a prize in a competition;
  • to strengthen your relationship with your sponsors and other partners.

    Welcoming guests

    If you have businesses that welcome visitors, the welcome pack is ideal! Create memories for your customers with, for example:

    • a hotel arrival pack ;
    • body care kits (spa, hotel, hammam, B’n’B, guest house…).

    They will become your brand ambassadors wherever they take their goodies!

      Celebrating company’s anniversaries and milestones

      For your corporate events or simply to retain your favourite customers, the welcome pack goodies are your best allies. They can be adapted to your desires and the message you wish to convey. An essential communication tool to boost your brand image on various occasions:

      • a company anniversary; ;
      • the launch of a new product;
      • a change of brand;
      • the inauguration of new premises;
      • a personalised invitation …

      What does a Welcome Pack look like?

      To thank your partners in a unique way, MyGift offers you an “à la carte” service.

      You choose the packaging you like:

      • a cardboard, metal or wooden box;
      • an organic cotton bag;
      • a filled basket;
      • or a tailor-made packaging!
      welcome pack, box d'accueil, cadeau entreprise, objet promotionnel


      You would like to surprise your employees, thank your customers or welcome a new employee, ride the wave of our infinitely customizable boxes!

      For each target group, for each budget, for each occasion, you will make an impact.

      Discover all our tips and ideas to create a box as you wish.

      1st step : Select the promotional items of your choice from a wide range of products.

      2nd step Make your gift unique by personalizing each object with your logo or by adding the first name of your employees.

      3rd step : In order to strengthen your visibilitywe suggest you create a unique design for your box. . We can also print and add a personal card or letter inside each box.

      4th step : We deliver your gift boxes individually to your customers or employees (home delivery) to maximize the impact. A wow effect guaranteed!

      Be inspired by our ideas below: Welcome Pack, Home Box, Summer Box, Wellness Box…

      Your Swiss welcome pack!

      Switzerland is a country rich in expertise and ideas. At MyGift, we carefully select our partners to offer you the best choice of goodies. We select Swiss manufacturers of high quality objects and work with professionals of the Swiss gastronomy.

      With promotional items or local Swiss products (such as chocolates), offer your partners Made in Switzerland goodies!

      FAQ : Why offering welcome packs to employees

      • How to create a corporate welcome pack?

        To ensure that you achieve the desired results, creating an effective corporate welcome pack involves a thoughtful approach. Here are five essential steps to guide you:

        1. Clear objectives: Clearly identify the purpose of your welcome pack, whether it’s to onboard new employees, express appreciation to clients or partners, or any other specific goal. This step is crucial in defining the scope of your welcome gift project.
        2. Careful item selection: Choose relevant items such as gifts, company information, orientation guides, tailored to your target audience.
        3. Personalization: Customize the content for each recipient, creating a unique and memorable experience for all your new employees.
        4. Neat packaging and presentation: The packaging should create a positive first impression, reflecting your company’s identity.
        5. Ongoing evaluation: Collect feedback and regularly assess the effectiveness of your welcome pack, making continuous improvements.

        Feel free to reach out to our experts in corporate welcome packs to ensure that you make a memorable impression during your new employees’ onboarding process.

      • Why offer a corporate welcome pack to new employees?
        Offering a onboarding goodies through a welcome pack to new employees provides numerous benefits that enhance cooperation, integration, and professional goodwill. Here are five key advantages of implementing an employee onboarding strategy:

        1. Facilitated integration: A welcome pack provides new employees with the information and tools they need to integrate quickly into the company.
        2. Building connections: Welcome gifts and personalized information foster positive connections between employees and the company.
        3. Enhanced motivation: Welcome gifts and relevant information boost employee motivation, encouraging them to give their best.
        4. Reduced stress: By providing clear resources, the welcome pack helps alleviate the stress associated with adapting to a new work environment.
        5. Positive company image: Offering a welcome pack demonstrates the company’s commitment to employee well-being, creating a positive image.

        To optimize your onboarding process, start implementing your corporate welcome pack strategy with the assistance of our experts.

      • When to offer a corporate welcome pack?
        A corporate welcome pack can be offered at various strategic moments to strengthen your employer brand. Here are five occasions identified by our expert corporate gift agency:

        1. Upon hiring: Welcome new employees with a welcome pack to facilitate their integration into the company.
        2. When opening a customer account: Strengthen client relationships by offering a welcome pack when they start doing business with you.
        3. In the context of business partnerships: Offer a welcome pack to mark the beginning of new collaborations or commercial partnerships.
        4. During corporate events: Distribute welcome packs at seminars, conferences, or corporate events to create a memorable experience.
        5. To celebrate special occasions: Use welcome packs to celebrate company anniversaries, major achievements, or holiday seasons.

        Regardless of the timing, the MyGift agency in Switzerland can help you design customized welcome packs for every situation.

      • What gifts to include in a corporate welcome pack?
        Select impactful gifts and items to compose the ideal corporate welcome pack for your new employees. Our experts provide five key areas to focus on to ensure that you make the right strategic choices:

        1. Stationery items: Practical items like notepads, quality pens, and personalized notebooks are great choices.
        2. Personalized items: Include items bearing your company’s name or logo, such as mugs, keychains, or bags, to reinforce your brand.
        3. Technological items: Accessories like USB drives, portable chargers, or earphones are appreciated in the modern workplace.
        4. Snacks and beverages: Healthy snacks, reusable water bottles, or quality coffee can please the taste buds.
        5. Relevant literature: Include books or guides related to the company or industry for an educational touch.

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