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MyGift is a promotional items agency in Switzerland. Our specialists in corporate goodies support professionals in Zurich and the surrounding areas.

Your promotional items agency in Zurich

MyGift is your favorite promotional item agency in Zurich. We are the experts you need to build a strong object-based communication. Browse our collections to find highly customizable high end goodies sourced from top suppliers. Benefit from the experience of our teams to create the goodies, gift or promotional items your company needs in Zurich.

Our ranges of promotional items for businesses in Zurich

MyGift offers a wide range of promotional items and goodies in Zurich and Switzerland. All of our goodies, corporate gifts and promotional items are following a clear pattern : They are trendy, 100% customizable and ethical. 

Our promotional items in Zurich


Promotional gifts, goodies, etc. Promotional items are an excellent means of communication for companies in Zurich.

To welcome your employees, thank your teams or celebrate the launch of a product, what better idea than a corporate gift ?

Trendy and eco-friendly goodies in Zurich


Our advertising items agency in Zurich helps you to enhance your company’s image with sustainable products.

Eco-responsible gifts that people enjoy keeping because they are beautiful and personalised.

    Customised promotional items in Zurich


    Do you feel like all promotional items are the same? Do you want to stand out from your competitors by offering quality promotional items?

    Discover personalised goodies that convey a unique message: yours. Object, visual, message, … We create your customised objects.


    Reactivity & Originality


    Let’s go green


    Stand out

    Your tailor made welcome pack


    The “welcome pack” is made up of corporate gifts that are essential for the arrival of a new employee or to enhance your customer relations.

    This “à la carte” service of promotional items in Zurich is available as a welcome kit or as a gift kit for a professional event. A “wow” effect is guaranteed!

    box personnalisée, cadeau d'entreprise
    welcome pack personnalisé, cadeau d'entreprise
    box personnalisée, cadeau d'entreprise
    Box personnalisée sûr-mesure, cadeau d'entreprise


    Customer satisfaction

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    Sustainable corporate gifts

    Our experts in Zurich

    In Zurich, our team is composed of three experts in promotional items. Our sales representatives are available to meet with you face-to-face or by video, according to your needs and wishes.

    Amandine NAEGELE

    CO-Fondatrice et Responsable Développement Commercial

    Delphine TOMEI

    Responsable Achats

    Priscilla LORIOL

    CO-Fondatrice et Responsable Développement Commercial

    Séverine DEREUDRE

    Account Manager

    Maria Gabriela ARMAS

    CO-Fondatrice et Graphiste

    Valentine PATURLE

    Account Manager

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