High-Quality Corporate Gifts Switzerland

High-Quality Corporate Gifts Switzerland

Your Innovative Corporate Gifts Agency

Innovation is in the very heart of our corporate gifts agency. Allowing you to reach your goals and find the perfect products for your company’s corporate gifting strategy is our everyday goal.

Sustainable, technological or innovative, find the perfect gift within our broad collection of products crafted by high-end local manufacturer (Switzerland & Europe). 

Our team of experts are here to help you build your gifting strategy. Following your objectives, we help you craft, design and distribute your gifts in the best way possible.


Our Swiss Customers Reviews

Produits de qualité, contact tres sympathique et professionnel.
Coline Cavagnoud
Coline Cavagnoud
Nous collaborons avec My Gift pour proposer des goodies de qualité au sein de l'Université de Genève. Nous sommes très contents des résultats et de la relation avec ce prestataire. Nous recommandons vivement. Coline, responsable de la Boutique
Jenoe Shulepov
Jenoe Shulepov
Toujours un plaisir de travailler avec Amandine et toute l'équipe de My Gift...
Pascal Kaufmann
Pascal Kaufmann
top quality!
Gaëla Nanchen
Gaëla Nanchen
Je recommande vivement MyGift pour tous vos besoins en objets publicitaires. Leur créativité et leur engagement à fournir des produits de qualité, innovants et qui suivent la tendances ont toujours été à la hauteur de mes attentes. Avec leur équipe dévouée, MyGift est le choix parfait pour donner vie à votre marque de manière mémorable et impactante. C'est une agréable collaboration que j'entretiens avec les équipes de MyGift et ils m'ont beaucoup aidé dans de divers projets.
Marketing Graphisoft
Marketing Graphisoft
Professionnelle et rapide. MyGift a su répondre à nos attentes et demandes particulières. Nous vous les recommandons !
Bastien Laure
Bastien Laure
Merci pour votre service et cette belle collaboration.
Ingrid Salazar
Ingrid Salazar
you can see very interesting products and they show excellent quality

Innovate with your Corporate gifts strategy

Show your company’s commitment and values with high-end innovative corporate gifts, sustainable goodies, high-tech gifts or welcome packs. Create the gift that will make a lasting impression.

But, sometimes finding the right product may not be the final step of your corporate gifting project. Treat your teams as brand ambassadors and offer them goodies with your brand design and image for a real impact.

Innovate with your Corporate Gifts strategy

Show your company’s commitment and values with high-end innovative corporate gifts, sustainable goodies, high-tech gifts or welcome packs. Create the gift that will make a lasting impression.

But, sometimes finding the right product may not be the final step of your corporate gifting project. Treat your teams as brand ambassadors and offer them goodies with your brand design and image for a real impact.

Our different types of innovative corporate gifts

Wide range of highly customizable corporate pens for gifting

Pens and pencils are everywhere in a company’s life. Why not rethinking the way you give them to your employees and teams? Choose MyGift to make sure you select the perfect products for your corporate gifts.

We are working with high-end manufacturers in Switzerland and Europe to provide you with the best quality pens. And if you want to go even further, do not miss our eco and recyclable corporate pens collections.

Our customizable Grow kits

Grow kits are the new trend of gifting. Sustainable, green and playful, these products are the perfect corporate gift for the companies that want to promote a greener and more responsible environment.

Make sure to associate your logos and designs with this eco-goodies thanks to our graphic teams.

Corporate gourds, thermos and mugs

Almost all of your team members and employees use a gourd, a thermos and a mug at work, in their car or in their everyday life. What if your brand were to follow them everywhere?

Choose the perfect design and message and ask our teams to put it in form on the high quality products you chose.

High-tech and connected corporate gifts

Bluetooth connected EarPods, design phone handlers, high-quality speakers or external hard drives, connect with your teams with our high-tech gifts collection.

And do not miss our eco high-tech collection. To promote your sustainable values with responsible yet connected gifts.

Our special Welcome Packs

Do you want to make sure your new employees find their marks and feel at ease very quickly? Why not choosing a highly personalized welcome pack to welcome them in the best way possible.

Food and delicacies, clothing and apparel, goodies and accessories, you choose what’s in the box.

Once you picked your favorite corporate gifts, you choose the design and we create the perfect box or pack for you.

Our different types of innovative corporate gifts

Growing kits with your logo, customizable clothing or high-tech gadgets, browse from our broad range of catalogs to find the perfect gift for your company. Having a doubt, a question or a project in mind concerning your corporate gifts? Do not hesitate to contact our teams to get all the information you need.

Your designs, your brand image, your corporate gifts with My Gift.


Distinguish from the competition today with corporate gifts that will really make a lasting impression. Whether you are aiming at clients or team members, our teams will help and guide you through the whole process.

Initial project, showroom presentation, dedicated experts, our teams will bring your ideas and projects to life.


Our highly Customizable Corporate gift box

Are you looking for more than one gift in particular? Do you want to make your next gift even more impacting?

With our teams, you can pick among a wide range of products to personnalize and then, gather them in a box or pack at your image.

Welcome packs, customers’ success packs, wellbeing boxes or special home office goodies, your ideas our solutions.

Discover our collections of products

Discover a whole world of goodies and gifts from our well known suppliers in Switzerland and Europe. Hugo Boss, Cerruti 1881, Christian Lacroix, Cacharel and many other high-end manufacturers to discover.

Our reliable partners

FAQ: How to choose the right corporate gifts?

  • What corporate gifts should I offer?

    The choice of the perfect corporate gift depends on various factors, including the target audience and the purpose of the gift. We will distinguish between gifts given to your employees and business gifts for your clients. Here’s our list of popular corporate gift ideas specially dedicated to collaborators, employees, and teams:

    • Personalized stationery items: Notebooks, quality pens, and branded calendars enhance brand recognition.
    • Tech gadgets: Gadgets like USB drives, wireless chargers, or Bluetooth speakers make appreciated gifts.
    • Gourmet gifts: High-quality gift baskets, wine, or tasting sets are perfect for special occasions.
    • Wellness items: Offer gifts focused on well-being, such as massages, gym memberships, or meditation kits.
    • Eco-friendly gifts: Opt for environmentally friendly gifts like reusable organic cotton bags or stainless steel water bottles.
  • Why should you offer corporate gifts to your teams?
    Offering corporate gifts to your collaborators comes with numerous benefits. Here are five essential reasons outlined by our agency of experts in corporate gifts:

    1. Motivation Boost: Corporate gifts reward employees for their efforts and encourage them to maintain their commitment.
    2. Employee Loyalty: Gifts enhance loyalty to the company, contributing to employee retention.
    3. Team Building: Gifts foster connections among team members and strengthen their sense of belonging to the company.
    4. Increased Productivity: Motivated employees tend to be more productive, which benefits the company.
    5. Positive Company Image: Providing gifts shows that the company cares for its staff, thereby enhancing its reputation.

  • How to personalize your corporate gifts?
    Personalizing corporate gifts is essential to make them unique and memorable. Here are five steps to effectively personalize your gifts:

    1. Know Your Audience: Understand the preferences and needs of your recipients to choose gifts that suit them.
    2. Select Relevant Gifts: Choose gifts that align with your message or brand, while being practical or aesthetic.
    3. Visual Customization: Add your company logo, a personalized message, or the recipient’s name to the gifts.
    4. Content Personalization: Include greeting cards or special messages for each recipient, showing individual attention.
    5. Elegant Packaging: Packaging is also a part of personalization, so ensure it reflects your company’s identity.

    If you’re not sure where to start with personalizing your corporate gifts, turn to your goodies agency MyGift to ensure you create the perfect project that represents your image.

  • When to offer corporate gifts to your employees?
    Offering corporate gifts to your employees can be planned at various key moments in your organization’s life. Here are five appropriate occasions identified by our experts:

    1. Holiday Season: Offer corporate gifts for Christmas or during the holiday season to spread joy.
    2. Company Anniversaries: Celebrate company milestones by giving gifts to your employees.
    3. Recognition of Achievements: Present gifts to reward exceptional performance or mark years of service.
    4. Promotions and Individual Successes: Congratulate promoted employees or those who have achieved significant goals.
    5. Special Days: Give gifts on special occasions such as Secretary’s Day to show your appreciation.
    6. Welcome Packs : To leave a positive impact during your employee’s onboarding.

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