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The company welcome kit

Offering a company welcome kit is the best way to welcome your new recruits. With the onboarding goodies pack, you offer a pretty box or a fabric bag in the company’s colours, with your logo and/or a positive message that makes an impression. Your new employee will be pleasantly surprised to discover objects that are both attractive and useful in everyday life. He or she will be pleased to land in a company where the welcome is warm, and will find it easier to find his or her feet in the company, whether in person or remotely.

What is a company welcome kit?

The welcome kit marks the beginning of a collaboration between a new recruit and his employer. With this welcome corporate gift, you give your new employee the essential tools to get off to a good start and the feeling of being involved in the adventure from day one.

Offering a welcome kit also means that your new recruit will feel fully integrated into the team. Everyone wins: the company conveys a positive image by taking care to welcome the employee, who, in turn, will feel gratified by it. With the welcome kit, you give everyone their place.

How to welcome a new recruit

Saying “welcome” to a new recruit ensures a good collaboration, based on mutual respect. This is formalised by a corporate gift that always puts a smile on your face! As soon as they arrive, new employees receive items that are essential to their daily work: office supplies, stationery, connected objects, coffee mugs and other accessories stamped with the company logo. As you can see, a welcome and a goodies pack walk hand in hand!

A warm welcome makes it easier for the employee to find his or her place in the company. They are fully part of the team. They are ready to invest in their mission!

Offering a goodies kit to employees

To welcome your new employees to the company, the goodies pack is a sure thing. They will be surprised by the attention and will keep a good memory of it. They will appreciate their welcome kit filled with personalised goodies.

For the pleasure of giving pleasure, but not only that, this welcome gift increases tenfold the new recruits’ feeling of belonging as soon as they arrive. The promotional item then becomes a powerful communication medium to give value to the professional relationship. Both the employees and the company are valued.

What welcome gifts should be offered to new recruits?

With a welcome kit, you put people back at the heart of your work. And this is true from the moment your new employees arrive at the company.

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Teleworking welcome kit

Today, teleworking is the essential way of organising work. Therefore, onboarding is an essential step to ensure that your new recruits feel part of a remote team. To make the daily life of your employees easier, create a specific teleworking welcome kit.


  • Gourds, to keep you hydrated throughout the day.
  • Mouse pads for better wrist comfort.
  • Headsets for making business calls or working to music.
  • And a lot more!

    Office welcome gift kit

    To work on a PC, your employees do not need much space. However, they do need to be well equipped! Supplies, stationery, connected objects, … discover the essential goodies for the office:

    • USB flash-drives to back up important files (or less important ones).
    • Mugs to treat yourself to a virtual coffee/tea break between two files.
    • Pens to fill in quotes, invoices and Post-its.
    • Notebooks to record and store ideas.

    And a lot more!

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      Useful welcome kit items for travel

      By car, train, plane, bike, on foot… Business trips can be part of your employees’ missions. For the less sedentary, discover a range of all-terrain corporate goodies:

      • Hands-free kits for safe working and driving.
      • Backpacks or satchels for easy transport of equipment.
      • Backup batteries so one never runs out of computer or phone power.

      And a lot more!

        Corporate kit for clothing and accessories

        With your welcome kit, offer your next employees personalised clothing and accessories with your brand’s logo or message. Play on originality and say welcome from the moment they arrive with a goodies pack that can be worn:

        • Caps to be worn all summer (to boost the company’s visibility even on holiday).
        • Polo shirts to wear the company colours in style.
        • Sweatshirts for a sorority-style onboarding.
        • Reusable bags or tote bags for shopping while protecting the planet.
        • Umbrellas to be protected from the weather and get to the office safely.

        And a lot more!

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          Coline Cavagnoud
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          Marketing Graphisoft
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          FAQ: How to Choose the Right Corporate Goodies?

          • Why Offer Corporate Goodies?

            Offering corporate goodies ensures a winning strategy for promoting your company in a memorable way.

            These personalized items will enhance brand visibility, foster customer loyalty, and attract new clients. By creating lasting emotional connections, they serve as constant reminders of your business.

            Choose a promotional merchandise agency like MyGift and opt for high-quality, custom goodies to make sure you leave a 100% lasting impression.

          • What type of goodies for my business?
            To optimize the results of your promotional goodies strategy, it’s essential to ensure the quality, durability, and overall design of your promotional items. Innovative design, eco-friendly products, and full customization of your goodies are key to conveying a positive message. Since each type of item conveys distinct values, our experts list some main categories you can use to capitalize on your branded goodies.

            1. Eco-friendly and sustainable goodies: This is the green trend of recent years! Emphasize your eco-responsible commitments to convey a positive and contemporary image.
            2. Innovative and technological goodies: Choose clever and ingenious goodies to ensure a lasting impression.
            3. Practical on-the-go goodies: To ensure your goodies and brand get maximum exposure, opt for practical, fun, and highly useful items.
            4. Elegant decoration goodies: To showcase your brand at events or decorate your spaces, choose trendy and refined goodies that will leave a lasting impression on your visitors.
            5. Seasonal goodies for maximum impact: To ensure your recipients are pleased, consider seasonal promotional items. Warm and cozy winter textiles, playful beach accessories in the summer, or small tech gadgets during the offseason, for example.

            If you have questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to consult our experts in promotional merchandise for strategic solutions that will boost your marketing efforts.

          • To whom should I offer goodies?
            You want to start sending professional goodies to key players in your business, but you’re not sure where to begin?

            Each type of goodies corresponds to a specific goal and target audience. To ensure optimal promotional communication, MyGift offers some categories of recipients to target with your custom corporate goodies.

            • To your customers: Let them know that their relationship is important to you and remind them of your presence. A key asset for increasing your customer base, staying in their memory, or strengthening your preferential relationship.
            • To your partners and business relations: Enhance relationships with your partners and remind them of the importance of your business relationship through custom goodies.
            • To your teams: Whether for onboarding, at the end of a challenging year, or on any other occasion, offering goodies to your teams greatly enhances your employer brand and transforms your teams into brand ambassadors.
            • To your prospects: Pique the curiosity of your prospects or visitors at trade shows or during marketing campaigns. A fun or stylish keepsake for them, and a prime spot for your brand’s visibility.
            • To influencers and brand ambassadors: Often overlooked, they are one of the most important communication channels in our time. Don’t hesitate to offer them your latest goodies for communication impact that is often underestimated.
            • To organizations or associations that support you: Let your key patrons and the entities that have trusted you know that you haven’t forgotten them. Although often nonprofit, these organizations are often the ones who will make the best use of your goodies.

            In general, your goodies can be distributed to nearly all your key stakeholders. To ensure that your targets receive the right goodies each time, consult our teams specialized in custom promotional items.

          • Why personalize your goodies?

            Once you’ve identified your target audience and have one or more models of goodies in mind, it’s time for customization. This is a crucial step in your creative process that offers numerous interesting communication levers:

            1. Design strategy: It all starts with a clear and established strategy regarding your goodies, your targets, and your business objectives.
            2. Adding your logo: An essential step that allows you to associate your brand with the goodies.
            3. Choice of colors: Whether you want to align with seasonal colors, your company’s colors, or those of your client, selecting the right color is one of the key elements of creation.
            4. Choice of materials: Select materials that align with your brand image and daily commitments (ecology, local economy, etc.). This ensures that you create no communication or messaging biases with your goodies.
            5. Choosing a provider for customizing your goodies: Between the idea and realization, there can sometimes be a significant gap.

          • When to offer goodies?
            Wondering when is the best time to offer goodies to your customers, employees, or partners? Our teams have delved into the matter and suggest you consider some key moments to boost your promotional efforts.

            • During your professional events: Trade shows, fairs, and other conferences are perfect places to distribute your custom goodies to potential prospects.
            • During positive seasonal periods: Year-end celebrations, Christmas, or the back-to-school season are ideal times to associate your brand with festive and prosperous periods for all businesses.
            • In summer or spring, goodies focused on holidays and outdoor activities can secure a prominent place for your brand during the summer season.
            • At key moments in your customer relationship: Signing a project, concluding a sale, or even celebrating a collaboration anniversary are all opportune and symbolic moments to strengthen your brand image with your partners.
            • At key moments in your employees’ lives: Arrivals, departures, or even company anniversaries are causes for celebration and allow you to showcase your employer brand while bringing joy.
            • At the launch of a new product or service: Enhance your visibility by integrating your goodies strategy into your direct marketing, event management, or public relations plan.

            Do you want to display your brand on quality promotional items at your upcoming key events? Turn to MyGift to ensure you offer the perfect goodies, on time and on target.

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