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MyGift is a promotional items agency in Geneva. Our specialists in corporate goodies, business gifts & advertising items support professionals in Geneva and the surrounding area.

Your promotional items agency in Geneva

MyGift is an agency, expert in promotional items, goodies and corporate gifts, helping companies in Geneva optimize their object-based communication. Working with top partners in Switzerland, we offer expertise and highly customisable items focusing on sustainability and product quality.

Discover our many ranges of promotional items for business in Geneva

MyGift offers a large range of advertising items and corporate goodies for companies located in Geneva and its surroundings. From sustainable to high-end textile or techsavey gifts, you can be sure to find the corporate goodies you need within our catalogues. One common element between all our products ? They are all chosen for being either trendy, highly customizable and ethical.

Our goodies in Geneva


Goodies are an excellent means of communication for professionals in Geneva.

To welcome your next employee or to thank your clients, what better idea than an onboarding goodies ?

Trendy and sustainable corporate items


For your corporate gifts in Geneva, opt for eco-responsible advertising objects. Two advantages:

  • You enhance the image of a modern company that is sensitive to environmental issues.
  • You play on emotion with sustainable corporate gifts that people like to keep because they are beautiful and personalised.

A “wow” effect guaranteed!

    Customised promotional items in Geneva


    Do you want to offer corporate gifts that are not seen anywhere else?

    Discover personalised goodies that convey a unique message: yours. Object, visual, message, … We create your customised promotional items.


    Be reactive & original


    Why not go greener?


    Standing out is the key

    Your personalised welcome promotional item

    Choose a box or pack to offer to your new customers, employees or customers with ease. Our welcome packs are compounded with the promotional items of your choice. Choose the design of your box, use your logo and your pack is ready to give.

    box personnalisée, cadeau d'entreprise
    welcome pack personnalisé, cadeau d'entreprise
    box personnalisée, cadeau d'entreprise
    Box personnalisée sûr-mesure, cadeau d'entreprise


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    Custom promotional items crafted


    Greener promotional items

    Your promotional items communication agency in Geneva

    MyGift is an expert in object-based communication through objects and the personalisation of goodies for companies in Geneva.

    Amandine NAEGELÉ

    Co-Fondatrice et Responsable Développement Commercial

    Delphine TOMEI

    Responsable Achats

    Priscilla LORIOL

    Co-Fondatrice et Responsable Développement Commercial

    Valentine PATURLE

    Account Manager

    Maria-Gabriela ARMAS

    Co-Fondatrice et Graphiste


    Our Swiss Customers Reviews

    Produits de qualité, contact tres sympathique et professionnel.
    Coline Cavagnoud
    Coline Cavagnoud
    Nous collaborons avec My Gift pour proposer des goodies de qualité au sein de l'Université de Genève. Nous sommes très contents des résultats et de la relation avec ce prestataire. Nous recommandons vivement. Coline, responsable de la Boutique
    Jenoe Shulepov
    Jenoe Shulepov
    Toujours un plaisir de travailler avec Amandine et toute l'équipe de My Gift...
    Pascal Kaufmann
    Pascal Kaufmann
    top quality!
    Gaëla Nanchen
    Gaëla Nanchen
    Je recommande vivement MyGift pour tous vos besoins en objets publicitaires. Leur créativité et leur engagement à fournir des produits de qualité, innovants et qui suivent la tendances ont toujours été à la hauteur de mes attentes. Avec leur équipe dévouée, MyGift est le choix parfait pour donner vie à votre marque de manière mémorable et impactante. C'est une agréable collaboration que j'entretiens avec les équipes de MyGift et ils m'ont beaucoup aidé dans de divers projets.
    Marketing Graphisoft
    Marketing Graphisoft
    Professionnelle et rapide. MyGift a su répondre à nos attentes et demandes particulières. Nous vous les recommandons !
    Bastien Laure
    Bastien Laure
    Merci pour votre service et cette belle collaboration.
    Ingrid Salazar
    Ingrid Salazar
    you can see very interesting products and they show excellent quality

    FAQ : How to Choose the Right Promotional Business Items?

    • Why use promotional items?

      Offering promotional items provides numerous advantages for businesses:

      • Investing in promotional items strengthens your brand image over time. By offering fun and innovative promotional items, you ensure that your prospects carry your brand with them wherever they go.
      • Choosing promotional items aligned with your commitments reinforces your brand image and allows you to associate your company with values that resonate with you.
      • Promotional items enable your company to create a lasting emotional and rational connection with your audience. When distributed internally, promotional items help enhance your employer brand by providing playful corporate gifts to your teams.
      • During client meetings, make a lasting impression with high-quality promotional items and effortlessly strengthen your business relationship.
      • At trade shows and professional fairs, promotional items are an excellent way to engage prospects in a fun manner while leaving them with a piece of your brand.

      Choose maximum impact for your promotional item strategy with your go-to Swiss promotional agency, MyGift Promotional.

    • How to choose promotional items?
      To maximize the impact of your promotional item strategy, it’s essential to consider some key points to ensure results that align with your objectives:

      • Identify your target audience: Understanding your audience is crucial. Choose items that match their needs, preferences, and interests to maximize the effectiveness of your message.
      • Align with your brand: Promotional items should reflect your brand identity. Opt for products that harmonize with your colors, values, and messages.
      • Prioritize quality: Choose high-quality products that will withstand daily wear and tear. This enhances the positive perception of your company.
      • Think about utility: Practical and functional items are often more appreciated. Everyday items, such as pens, notebooks, or mugs, are more likely to be regularly used.
      • Be creative: Look for original ideas to stand out from the competition. Unique or personalized promotional items are more memorable.

    • Whom to offer promotional items to?
      Determining the appropriate recipients for your promotional items is crucial to make the most of them. Here are some tips to guide you:

      1. Loyal Customers: Show your appreciation by offering promotional items to your regular customers to strengthen their loyalty and emphasize the quality of your business relationship.
      2. Prospects: Attract new prospects and pique their interest by distributing your promotional items during targeted marketing campaigns.
      3. Internal Team: Motivate and reward your employees with personalized promotional items to express your gratitude while enhancing your employer brand.
      4. Business Partners: Strengthen your professional relationships by rewarding your business partners with promotional gifts.
      5. Events and Exhibitions: Use promotional items to promote your company at events, trade shows, and conferences.

      An upcoming professional event? Find the best promotional item in Geneva thanks to MyGift.

    • Why personalize corporate promotional items?
      Personalizing corporate promotional items brings many benefits to your business. Here are five reasons why this strategy is essential:

      1. Increased Memorability: Personalized items leave a lasting impression in your customers’ minds, promoting brand retention.
      2. Brand Reinforcement: Personalization links your products to your company’s identity, contributing to increased brand awareness effortlessly.
      3. Audience Adaptation: You can customize your items based on your target audience’s preferences, making them more attractive and relevant to your audience.
      4. Creation of Emotional Connection: Personalized gifts show special consideration for your customers, fostering an emotional connection with your company.
      5. Differentiation from Competition: Personalization sets you apart from the competition, allowing you to stand out in the market.

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