An opportunity from a real expertise on promotional items.

Personalized advice in our showroom

We accompany you in your search for the gift that suits you and makes you stand out. Faced with environmental challenges, we are committed to offering you responsible goodies while respecting your budget and your deadline. Our project managers welcome you to our showroom so that you can discover all our collections through numerous samples! Don’t worry, if needed, the MyGift team will always come to meet you.

Advertising textiles, business gifts, original goodies, welcome pack, we answer to all your requests.




Partners you can trust.

We favor production in Switzerland and Europe, proximity and local actors. We make it a point of honor to reference ethical and sustainable promotional items made from recycled materials and natural materials such as organic cotton and wheat fiber.

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A graphic design service offered for unique projects.

Our graphic designer accompanies and advises you in the creation of your visuals: development of product designs with your logo, expertise on branding techniques and validation of models. We will be able to meet your needs while respecting your visual identity.


A 5 star logistic service !

We deliver your orders to 1 point in Switzerland for free. Our purchasing and logistics manager will always prioritize your deadline and ensure that your promotional items are delivered on time to the address of your choice.

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