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Creating customised gift sets

A celebration, a way to say thank you, or simply a way to show interest… There are many occasions that can accompany a promotional gift. Since we all tend to forget who gave us our gifts, it is crucial to maximize the effect. We want to help you make your promotional gift a memorable one. For every target, for every budget, for every occasion. A personalized gift set is always a great option, to get that SURPRISE EFFECT from your recipients!

And above all in a few steps for you :

Step 1, Item: Choose the item that you want to offer

Step 2, Decoration: Choose your decoration

Step 3, Individual print: Choose individual print on 1 item

Step 4, Sleeving: Add a customized sleeve around the products boxes

Step 5, Gift box design: Design your own gift box

Step 6, Shipment option: Individual home delivery

Simply choose to be well accompanied with MyGift

Add value to your products with our beautiful gift wrap paper.

A gift wrap is essential to transform an item into a gift. You now have the opportunity to let us take care of this important detail. Your customers, your employees will appreciate the efforts that have been made to make your gift unique.

Please note that we wrap your items from one piece and that you have the possibility to choose from 6 different gift wrap designs. This is the finishing touch to your year-end gift campaigns and worry-free for you.

Think gourmet and Swiss Made for your end of the year gifts !

To build customer loyalty, motivate your employees, or simply to say thank you. Here are so many occasions to please and surprise thanks to our gourmet and 100% Swiss Made gifts.

We will accompany you in order to guide you in your choices, with a wide range of sweet and salty products and create the boxes.

We have surrounded ourselves with local partners, cheesemakers, market gardeners, wine growers, confectioners, chocolate makers of choice to offer you these quality products.

We listen to you in order to realize the most beautiful packages according to your wishes and your budget.

It is time to turn on the stars, the magic of Christmas.

Be ! Pop Corn

Local, Natural, Delicious

Healthy fabrication
A popcorn made from IP-Suisse corn that pops in a hot air machine so that the corn pops without fat. Healthy and light popcorn is obtained thanks to this method of fabrication.

Made in Switzerland
A unique savoir-faire and a craft production in the northern edge of Lausanne (VD). A Swiss company that supports local producers businesses.

Unique crispness
No more sticky popcorn, Be! Pop Corn developed a secret method of fabrication to obtain crispy popcorn without conservative, nor chemical additive.

Quality Packaging
A quality packaging that can be reused as a vase or pot for aromatic plants Be creative!

Delicious coating
Our popcorn is coated with 100% natural and delicious ingredients selected with the utmost care. No conservative or chemical additive are added to our product.

Telephone case with cord

Accessory adapted to any situation and any mobile type!

This modern and practical accessory enables more freedom in your daily life. Thanks to its cord, your hands are free and also, no need to look for your phone everywhere. You can have it close to you without it bothering you or taking too much space. You won’t miss any call, whether it be at work, during a trip or wherever and whenever you need.

IMPACT Collections

Have a positive impact on water use and prove it!

Why water? Because we have to take action as from now until 2025, half of the world population will know “the water stress”, in other words not enough drinking water ready for use. How? By using recycled cotton and PET, we are going to save up to 1800 L (475,5 gal) of water per product. By using glass and stainless steel materials, we’re improving our products’ reuse as opposed to single-use items. As a proof of our transparency, all our products are labeled with the savings made. Convincing for you and nice message to the addressee ! IMPACT supports, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to bring water and sanitation throughout the world. 2% of the profits made by our company goes to 

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