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The FAQ about goodies, promotional items, and corporate gifts.

Thanks to our FAQ, find all the answers to all the questions you have about goodies, promotional items, or corporate gifts. From high-end business gifts to event goodies, our experts answer your questions.

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FAQ : How to Choose the Right Promotional Business Items?

  • Why use promotional items?

    Offering promotional items provides numerous advantages for businesses:

    • Investing in promotional items strengthens your brand image over time. By offering fun and innovative promotional items, you ensure that your prospects carry your brand with them wherever they go.
    • Choosing promotional items aligned with your commitments reinforces your brand image and allows you to associate your company with values that resonate with you.
    • Promotional items enable your company to create a lasting emotional and rational connection with your audience. When distributed internally, promotional items help enhance your employer brand by providing playful corporate gifts to your teams.
    • During client meetings, make a lasting impression with high-quality promotional items and effortlessly strengthen your business relationship.
    • At trade shows and professional fairs, promotional items are an excellent way to engage prospects in a fun manner while leaving them with a piece of your brand.

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  • How to choose promotional items?
    To maximize the impact of your promotional item strategy, it’s essential to consider some key points to ensure results that align with your objectives:

    • Identify your target audience: Understanding your audience is crucial. Choose items that match their needs, preferences, and interests to maximize the effectiveness of your message.
    • Align with your brand: Promotional items should reflect your brand identity. Opt for products that harmonize with your colors, values, and messages.
    • Prioritize quality: Choose high-quality products that will withstand daily wear and tear. This enhances the positive perception of your company.
    • Think about utility: Practical and functional items are often more appreciated. Everyday items, such as pens, notebooks, or mugs, are more likely to be regularly used.
    • Be creative: Look for original ideas to stand out from the competition. Unique or personalized promotional items are more memorable.

  • Whom to offer promotional items to?
    Determining the appropriate recipients for your promotional items is crucial to make the most of them. Here are some tips to guide you:

    1. Loyal Customers: Show your appreciation by offering promotional items to your regular customers to strengthen their loyalty and emphasize the quality of your business relationship.
    2. Prospects: Attract new prospects and pique their interest by distributing your promotional items during targeted marketing campaigns.
    3. Internal Team: Motivate and reward your employees with personalized promotional items to express your gratitude while enhancing your employer brand.
    4. Business Partners: Strengthen your professional relationships by rewarding your business partners with promotional gifts.
    5. Events and Exhibitions: Use promotional items to promote your company at events, trade shows, and conferences.

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  • Why personalize corporate promotional items?
    Personalizing corporate promotional items brings many benefits to your business. Here are five reasons why this strategy is essential:

    1. Increased Memorability: Personalized items leave a lasting impression in your customers’ minds, promoting brand retention.
    2. Brand Reinforcement: Personalization links your products to your company’s identity, contributing to increased brand awareness effortlessly.
    3. Audience Adaptation: You can customize your items based on your target audience’s preferences, making them more attractive and relevant to your audience.
    4. Creation of Emotional Connection: Personalized gifts show special consideration for your customers, fostering an emotional connection with your company.
    5. Differentiation from Competition: Personalization sets you apart from the competition, allowing you to stand out in the market.

  • FAQ : Why offering welcome packs to employees

  • How to create a corporate welcome pack?

    To ensure that you achieve the desired results, creating an effective corporate welcome pack involves a thoughtful approach. Here are five essential steps to guide you:

    1. Clear objectives: Clearly identify the purpose of your welcome pack, whether it’s to onboard new employees, express appreciation to clients or partners, or any other specific goal. This step is crucial in defining the scope of your welcome gift project.
    2. Careful item selection: Choose relevant items such as gifts, company information, orientation guides, tailored to your target audience.
    3. Personalization: Customize the content for each recipient, creating a unique and memorable experience for all your new employees.
    4. Neat packaging and presentation: The packaging should create a positive first impression, reflecting your company’s identity.
    5. Ongoing evaluation: Collect feedback and regularly assess the effectiveness of your welcome pack, making continuous improvements.

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  • Why offer a corporate welcome pack to new employees?
    Offering a onboarding goodies through a welcome pack to new employees provides numerous benefits that enhance cooperation, integration, and professional goodwill. Here are five key advantages of implementing an employee onboarding strategy:

    1. Facilitated integration: A welcome pack provides new employees with the information and tools they need to integrate quickly into the company.
    2. Building connections: Welcome gifts and personalized information foster positive connections between employees and the company.
    3. Enhanced motivation: Welcome gifts and relevant information boost employee motivation, encouraging them to give their best.
    4. Reduced stress: By providing clear resources, the welcome pack helps alleviate the stress associated with adapting to a new work environment.
    5. Positive company image: Offering a welcome pack demonstrates the company’s commitment to employee well-being, creating a positive image.

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  • When to offer a corporate welcome pack?
    A corporate welcome pack can be offered at various strategic moments to strengthen your employer brand. Here are five occasions identified by our expert corporate gift agency:

    1. Upon hiring: Welcome new employees with a welcome pack to facilitate their integration into the company.
    2. When opening a customer account: Strengthen client relationships by offering a welcome pack when they start doing business with you.
    3. In the context of business partnerships: Offer a welcome pack to mark the beginning of new collaborations or commercial partnerships.
    4. During corporate events: Distribute welcome packs at seminars, conferences, or corporate events to create a memorable experience.
    5. To celebrate special occasions: Use welcome packs to celebrate company anniversaries, major achievements, or holiday seasons.

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  • What gifts to include in a corporate welcome pack?
    Select impactful gifts and items to compose the ideal corporate welcome pack for your new employees. Our experts provide five key areas to focus on to ensure that you make the right strategic choices:

    1. Stationery items: Practical items like notepads, quality pens, and personalized notebooks are great choices.
    2. Personalized items: Include items bearing your company’s name or logo, such as mugs, keychains, or bags, to reinforce your brand.
    3. Technological items: Accessories like USB drives, portable chargers, or earphones are appreciated in the modern workplace.
    4. Snacks and beverages: Healthy snacks, reusable water bottles, or quality coffee can please the taste buds.
    5. Relevant literature: Include books or guides related to the company or industry for an educational touch.

  • FAQ: How to choose the right corporate gifts?

  • What corporate gifts should I offer?
    The choice of the perfect corporate gift depends on various factors, including the target audience and the purpose of the gift. We will distinguish between gifts given to your employees and business gifts for your clients. Here’s our list of popular corporate gift ideas specially dedicated to collaborators, employees, and teams:

    • Personalized stationery items: Notebooks, quality pens, and branded calendars enhance brand recognition.
    • Tech gadgets: Gadgets like USB drives, wireless chargers, or Bluetooth speakers make appreciated gifts.
    • Gourmet gifts: High-quality gift baskets, wine, or tasting sets are perfect for special occasions.
    • Wellness items: Offer gifts focused on well-being, such as massages, gym memberships, or meditation kits.
    • Eco-friendly gifts: Opt for environmentally friendly gifts like reusable organic cotton bags or stainless steel water bottles.

  • Why should you offer corporate gifts to your teams?
    Offering corporate gifts to your collaborators comes with numerous benefits. Here are five essential reasons outlined by our agency of experts in corporate gifts:

    1. Motivation Boost: Corporate gifts reward employees for their efforts and encourage them to maintain their commitment.
    2. Employee Loyalty: Gifts enhance loyalty to the company, contributing to employee retention.
    3. Team Building: Gifts foster connections among team members and strengthen their sense of belonging to the company.
    4. Increased Productivity: Motivated employees tend to be more productive, which benefits the company.
    5. Positive Company Image: Providing gifts shows that the company cares for its staff, thereby enhancing its reputation.

  • How to personalize your corporate gifts?
    Personalizing corporate gifts is essential to make them unique and memorable. Here are five steps to effectively personalize your gifts:

    1. Know Your Audience: Understand the preferences and needs of your recipients to choose gifts that suit them.
    2. Select Relevant Gifts: Choose gifts that align with your message or brand, while being practical or aesthetic.
    3. Visual Customization: Add your company logo, a personalized message, or the recipient’s name to the gifts.
    4. Content Personalization: Include greeting cards or special messages for each recipient, showing individual attention.
    5. Elegant Packaging: Packaging is also a part of personalization, so ensure it reflects your company’s identity.

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  • When to offer corporate gifts to your employees?
    Offering corporate gifts to your employees can be planned at various key moments in your organization’s life. Here are five appropriate occasions identified by our experts:

    1. Holiday Season: Offer corporate gifts for Christmas or during the holiday season to spread joy.
    2. Company Anniversaries: Celebrate company milestones by giving gifts to your employees.
    3. Recognition of Achievements: Present gifts to reward exceptional performance or mark years of service.
    4. Promotions and Individual Successes: Congratulate promoted employees or those who have achieved significant goals.
    5. Special Days: Give gifts on special occasions such as Secretary’s Day to show your appreciation.
    6. Welcome Packs : To leave a positive impact during your employee’s onboarding.

  • FAQ: What is the best corporate gift strategy for Christmas

  • What corporate gifts to choose for Christmas?
    The Christmas and year-end holiday season is a particularly suitable time to offer corporate gifts. However, it is important to remember that this period comes with specific themes and codes. Therefore, it’s essential to adapt your corporate gifts and promotional items to maximize your results during this time. To guide you, your MyGift agency provides a (non-exhaustive) list of the best Christmas and year-end corporate gifts.

    1. Corporate Advent calendar goodies: The iconic Advent calendar provides a prime showcase for your brand.
    2. Other edible goodies: Gingerbread houses, cookie tins, and other treats to warm hearts.
    3. Winter textile goodies: What’s more practical than a beanie, a thermos, or gloves in winter?
    4. Festive decoration goodies: Prepare your events with customized Christmas goodies.
    5. Winter sports goodies: The perfect idea to have your brand join your clients or employees on winter vacations.

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  • Why offer corporate gifts at Christmas?
    Associating your brand with festive moments during the year offers numerous advantages, both strategically and psychologically. Here are the main benefits of incorporating Christmas and holiday anticipation into your corporate gift strategy:

    • Fostering gratitude and relationships: By offering personalized corporate gifts at Christmas, you show your appreciation to clients, partners, and employees, strengthening professional relationships.
    • Enhancing brand recognition: Personalized gifts consistently showcase your brand, contributing to increased recognition even during the holiday season.
    • Creating a memorable experience: Personalized gifts offer an exceptional customer experience, leaving a lasting and positive impression.
    • Competitive differentiation: Unique gifts stand out from generic ones and strengthen your brand image.
    • Communicating company values: Personalized corporate gifts reflect your company’s values and culture, reinforcing your identity.
    • Boosting customer loyalty: Loyal customers feel special when they receive personalized gifts, which can encourage ongoing loyalty.
    • Increased memorability:Personalized Christmas gifts remain in memory, potentially enticing customers to return and recommend your business.
    • Networking and partnerships: Offering corporate gifts can strengthen relationships with business partners and foster new collaboration opportunities.

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