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Offices: Bring Nature Indoors and Boost Employee Well-Being with Green Plants

Today, let’s dive into the world of green plants! At your swiss goodies agency MyGift, a green office is more than just a décor trend: we firmly believe in the numerous benefits of plants in a work environment.

Incorporating plants into your workspace has a tangible impact on productivity and professional quality of life. That’s why we’re sharing our vision on why and how these green allies can transform your office into a haven of creativity, serenity, and productivity.

Why Integrate Green Plants into the Office?

Greening your office isn’t just a décor trend! More and more companies are turning to innovative solutions to create work environments conducive to employee well-being. Among these solutions, office greening emerges as a major managerial challenge. It not only improves the quality of work life (QWL) but also strengthens employer branding and boosts employee retention for companies choosing plant-based ecological corporate gifts.

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The Benefits of Green Plants at Work: Boost Your Well-Being

Plants have become essential elements in offices. But why are they so important? Greenery soothes, improves morale, and has air-purifying effects. Some of their benefits, such as noise absorption, visual insulation, and neutralization of computer waves, are particularly well-suited for workspaces.

When combined with stylish wooden furniture, preferably eco-friendly, plants provide comfort and a touch of nature to the professional environment. They are not just decorative elements but an investment in mental health, productivity, and the overall well-being of employees.

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Greening: A Holistic Approach to Designing Your Workspaces

To fully benefit from the advantages of green plants, it is recommended to integrate office greening into a comprehensive approach to improving quality of work life, particularly by incorporating biophilic principles. While green plants are a primary focus, other adjustments can be made to reintegrate natural elements into workspaces:

  • Open Spaces: Create welcoming, collaborative open spaces. Intelligent integration of plants can recreate private spaces for each employee and improve room acoustics.
  • Natural Light: Maximize access to natural light. Position desks near windows, and for winter days, opt for desk lamps that mimic natural light. Glass partitions are also ideal for allowing light to pass through while providing privacy.
  • Natural Materials: Use natural materials such as wood, bamboo, or cork for your accessories and furniture. Elegant and organic, they add a warm touch to your workspace while reducing the environmental footprint.
  • Wall Decoration: Dress your walls with organic colors and textures. A wooden wall or plant-based wall art adds a pleasant and stimulating tactile dimension.

Integrating Plants into Office Décor: What Solutions Are Available?

Whether you have small spaces or large offices, greening solutions are abundant and adaptable to all needs. The benefits are numerous, including a positive impact on well-being at work and the creation of healthier, more inspiring environments.

  • Living Wall: A living wall, or vertical garden, is an excellent solution for integrating a large number of plants in a limited space. Used in open spaces, it provides natural acoustic insulation by absorbing noise, creating a quieter work environment.

  • Hanging Green Ceiling: Did you know it’s also possible to create a green ceiling? Based on the same principle as the living wall, the ceiling is decorated with green plants, adding an extra dimension to the space. For a spectacular jungle effect, prioritize climbing plants that dress the ceiling with their lush leaves. Like living walls, it’s advisable to have these natural innovations custom-made by professionals.

  • Desk Green Plants: Potted plants placed on desks or nearby are a simple and effective solution to introduce greenery into the workspace. Choose robust, low-maintenance plants:

    • Small Plants: Succulents, cacti, and other small plants are easy to care for and take up little space.
    • Medium Plants: Plants like ficus or indoor palms add a touch of nature without cluttering the space.
    • Air-Purifying Plants: Plants like English ivy, pothos, and dracaena are known for their air-purifying abilities.
  • Green Plant Partitions: Plant partitions are mobile or fixed walls incorporating plants. They are ideal for dividing spaces while maintaining a natural and airy atmosphere.

  • Hanging Plants: Hanging plants are perfect for adding greenery without cluttering floor space. Use trailing plants like ivy, pothos, and string of hearts to create a cascading aesthetic effect.

  • Small Indoor Gardens: Placed on a windowsill, in the center of a table, or in an atrium, small indoor gardens break the boundary between indoors and outdoors, providing the gentle sensation of being in nature. Engage employees in their maintenance and encourage them to grow herbs or small edible plants they can use during lunch breaks. Terrariums, which are much easier to maintain, can also be easily integrated into small offices.

  • Office Community Garden: Offer your employees a collective project connected to the earth. A community garden can strengthen team spirit and provide a relaxing outdoor activity.

By integrating these elements as sustainable goodies, MyGift aims to create workspaces that enhance well-being, productivity, and environmental consciousness, turning offices into thriving green spaces.

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