Sacoche blanche avec logo à personnaliser pour les entreprises

The promotional item with more than one trick up its sleeve!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” said Leonardo da Vinci, and observing the tote bag, we can only agree. Two rectangles of fabric or canvas, a pair of broad handles to slip over the shoulder, and voilà: a fashion accessory and everyday essential as basic as it is versatile. Without closures or embellishments, the tote bag embodies the very essence of simplicity.

A formidable accessory for showcasing one’s style, it can be found in every closet and on every respectable shoulder. A daily carryall or a shopping bag, the tote bag is indeed everywhere. But how did this simple fabric bag become such an iconic accessory and promotional item of our time? Let’s trace its history.

Relatively recent, the history of the tote bag reflects various trends in our society. It’s a practical item, a customizable promotional object, and an ecological one. With its English name, derived from the verb “to tote,” meaning “to carry,” its British origins are clear. Indeed, initially carried in large shoulder straps, it was first used by English postmen and newspaper vendors. By the mid-20th century, the popularity of the cotton bag soared among workers who found it much lighter than the traditional leather satchel.

Who Invented the First Promotional Tote Bag?

While it’s challenging to pinpoint the exact creation of the tote bag as a sustainable goodies, as the use of carryall bags dates back to ancient times, its marketing origins are easier to trace. Today’s tote bag, given away for free or sold cheaply, can be found in small boutiques or supermarkets as a replacement for disposable plastic shopping bags. In both cases, a logo or message prominently displays the brand behind the stylish shopping tote. This modern use of the tote bag primarily comes from a marketing move by an independent New York bookstore: The Strand, which in 1980, sold its first fine canvas bags emblazoned with its logo and address. Well played! Simple, lightweight, and perfectly sized, the little tote bag has steadily embedded itself in our daily lives.

The Tote Bag Evolves Endlessly…

With the tote bag, creatives have found a limitless medium for expression, adjustable to everyone’s taste and color preferences, from XXL sizes to mini bags. Materials, colors, printing – the tote bag is an excellent canvas for creativity. Customizable and affordable, it’s undeniably an ultra-effective promotional tool.

The Must-Have Promotional Item

Every event deserves a tote bag: trade shows, festivals, fairs, incentive events, press meetings, etc. The tote bag stands out as the essential goodie for professional events. Its practicality allows you to slip all your communication materials into a bag that itself promotes your brand.

The Cotton Tote Bag, the Eco-Friendly Goodie

Good news! In France, Switzerland, and many other countries, the law bans the distribution of plastic bags. So much the better, we’ll use tote bags instead!

By choosing certified organic cotton as the preferred material for tote bag production, this reusable bag supports an eco-friendly and sustainable approach. Cotton, a natural and biodegradable material, offers an ecological solution to plastic pollution. Other materials like natural hemp fiber are also recommended.

Tote Bag: A Unique Goodie

The tote bag is the most suitable promotional item for customization. With its two fabric faces, the tote bag is like a blank canvas, just waiting to be decorated! A logo can be embroidered, printed, or even flocked.

Even better, as for other custom corporate clothing, commission a unique creation from an artist, dare to use drawings or photographs, opt for engaging or humorous messages, or get philosophical with a quote. The tote bag invites uninhibited creativity, and that’s a good thing!

Consult with your MyGift agency and create the tote bag that will be a hit on the beaches and terraces this summer!

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