Plusieurs t-shirts promotionnels de différentes couleurs avec logo à personnaliser pour entreprise

Textile customization: A focus on sustainability!


At My Gift, there are eco-friendly promotional items for which we pay particular attention to the origin and various manufacturing processes. Promotional clothing is one of them! Eco-friendly materials, sourcing, manufacturing, and branding—the textile industry has modernized significantly in recent years to achieve ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals.

That’s why in the realm of personalized textiles, we are committed to replacing T-shirts from the other side of the world with locally made quality textiles.

Do you want to wear sustainable goodies and unique products? We offer environmentally friendly clothing without compromise. Custom manufacturing and eco-friendly production now go hand in hand. Say goodbye to fast fashion and welcome ethical and sustainable fashion.
In this regard, low-impact marking techniques such as digital transfer, screen printing, and embroidery play an essential, often overlooked role. Quality, durability, and aesthetics: each textile personalization method has its advantages.

Choosing the right textile marking technique is a criterion to consider if you want to align your clothing with sustainable and responsible fashion. Deciphering three low-impact textile personalization techniques.

Digital Transfer Personalized Textiles

What is it? It’s the most commonly used method in the textile and luggage universe! It stands out as one of the most suitable methods for printing a wide variety of images on textiles.

How does it work? This customization technique involves using a special printer to transfer the logo or design onto a transfer sheet. Then, the sheet with your logo is hot-pressed onto the promotional garment using a professional press.

For what type of promotional textile? Precise and versatile, digital marking can reproduce HD images and remain true to the vibrant colors of patterns, whether they are logos or photographs. This technically more flexible process than screen printing is recommended for personalizing a small number of pieces. It withstands washing for guaranteed long-lasting quality.

Our advice: Use water-based inks labeled as anti-harmful substances to wear your personalized textiles with peace of mind.

Sacoche blanche avec logo à personnaliser pour les entreprises

Screen Printing Personalized Textiles

What is it? An ancient printing method, screen printing is the most economical and versatile process.

How does it work? Immense printing machines allow ink to pass like a stencil onto the textile to be marked. The color is transferred directly onto the product to be printed. Thus, for a multi-color result, several stencils are required.

For what type of promotional textile? An ideal technique for printing on textiles, luggage, umbrellas, and flat-surfaced plastic supports on materials such as cotton, jute, nylon, polyester. Additionally, screen printing can be done with water-based inks or environmentally friendly inks, making it an ecological option for textile marking.

Our advice: Present us your project for custom manufacturing of your screen-printed design. Our graphic designers will address all your customization requests! In terms of production, we have selected the best partners for their proximity and commitment to low-impact ecological production methods.

Un parapluie publicitaire personnalisé d'un logo et composé de matériaux recyclés

Embroidered Personalized Textiles

What is it? A favorite technique of our swiss goodies agency! Embroidery is the most environmentally friendly manufacturing process and offers the most elegant finish for your personalized textiles.

How does it work? Made with digitally controlled embroidery machines, embroidery can contain up to 12 different thread colors.

For what type of promotional textile? This method creates relief patterns that add a touch of sophistication to any garment. Embroidery is appreciated for its durability and long-term resistance as the threads are securely attached to the fabric.

Additionally, this technique offers a wide variety of colors and textures, allowing for creative customization of textiles. Due to its artisanal nature, embroidery can be considered the number one low-impact marking option, especially if environmentally friendly threads and materials are used.

Our advice: Add embroidered elements to your corporate gifts for elegant customization of your textile or luggage goodies.

Un sac de voyage publicitaire écologique en toile et cuir composé de matériaux recyclés

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