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Ready to contribute to positive change and offer eco-friendly promo items?

Embodying your environmental commitments in all areas, especially when choosing promo items: an impossible mission? Not at all! Giving promotional gifts that make a difference is an excellent way to reflect your environmental commitments and promote sustainable practices. Need some guidance for your next green communication strategy?

Here are the 5 key points identified by My Gift, your swiss promotional items agency, to ensure that giving a personalized promo item remains a simple gesture that reflects the importance you place on the environmental cause.

Choosing a Useful and Green Promo Item

Promotional pen, tote bag, personalized planner, premium business gifts, etc. The possibilities for promo items are endless and can adapt to any strategy.

To make an eco-friendly choice, consider the message you want to convey, to whom, and in what context you are giving a promo item. An eco-friendly promo item is one that meets a need. This prevents your promo item from quickly ending up in the trash or forgotten in a drawer. Moreover, by offering a useful and durable promo item, you ensure that your brand image is conveyed in a lasting way.

“A true everyday item, the personalized backpack is likely to make a lasting impression and find its place on the shoulders of all generations…”

Sachets de graines avec logo personnalisé

Material: Prioritize Sustainable or Recyclable Materials

We recommend selecting sustainable goodies made from recycled or natural materials (bamboo, cork, wood). Materials that cannot be recycled after use also have a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, consider prioritizing only those promo items made from compostable and biodegradable materials.
Certified rPet water bottle.

Une gourde en acier inoxydable à personnaliser de la marque Dopper

Adding Meaning to These Promotional Gifts

Do you want to distribute promotional items to your partners and employees while showing your support for important environmental initiatives and causes?

Do this by offering eco-friendly promo items from suppliers committed to social and environmental actions. This can include products made by NGOs or companies that adhere to ethical labor standards and contribute to sustainable development.

Iqoniq T-shirt: a unisex textile range made from organic cotton and supporting Water.org, a global nonprofit organization working to bring water and sanitation to the world.

Vêtements personnalisés

Promo Items with No Compromise on Ethics and Quality

Ensure the credibility and transparency of your promo items’ manufacturing process. Opt for independent certifications such as GOTS and OEKO-TEX® for textiles, or FSC for wooden products. These labels guarantee adherence to strict environmental and social standards, ensuring high-quality products and genuine commitment.

Certified organic cotton by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is an excellent choice as it ensures environmentally friendly practices throughout the production chain. Similarly, OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 is one of the most globally recognized labels for textiles tested for harmful substances.

Moreover, in addition to considering the carbon footprint associated with transportation, prioritize promo items made in Switzerland, France, or Europe to ensure compliance with European regulations.

Vêtements personnalisés

Personalization: Prefer Eco-Friendly Marking Techniques

Add a personal touch while staying eco-friendly. Customizing your promo items helps reinforce your message and brand. Ensure that the personalization techniques used are environmentally friendly, such as printing with eco-friendly inks or laser engraving.

Need Help Choosing Your Eco-Friendly Promo Items from My Gift?

Trust your needs to our promo items agency in Geneva. At every step, our promo item experts ensure the ethical practices of our suppliers, monitor the traceability and quality control of item customization, and deliver your selection of natural, recycled, and biodegradable promo items on time.

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