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After the Christmas festivities and the New Year’s Eve frenzy, Easter emerges as the first event of the year where one can indulge in promotional chocolate without restraint in the workplace!

“Love chocolate thoroughly, without complex or false shame, for remember: without a touch of madness, there is no reasonable man,” said La Rochefoucauld. At your promotional items agency My Gift, chocolate is a treat savored every day, so when it comes to celebrating the most chocolate-filled weekend of the year, our teams are already on the starting blocks!

This year, why not make Easter a festive event in the workplace, daring a refined communication through personalized chocolates? To tide you over until D-Day, here are five fun updates to share with your colleagues during your office egg hunt.

1. Chocolate Slows Memory Loss and Protects Against Cavities

Here’s some delightful news for chocolate lovers. According to a study from Columbia University in New York, consuming cocoa may help combat the natural decline in memory associated with aging.

Enjoying promotional chocolate at the office could become a delicious strategy to preserve our memory faculties after 50. Another misconception: unlike many other tasty treats, chocolate isn’t bad for your teeth. On the contrary, cocoa contains tannins, fluoride, and phosphates, components that strengthen tooth enamel while limiting the growth of bacteria responsible for cavity formation.

Two excellent reasons to offer a special Easter corporate gift box to all your employees: contact My Gift’s teams to order your chocolates.

2. The Microwave Has Its Origins in a Chocolatey Anecdote

In 1945, scientist Percy Spencer came up with the idea of creating the microwave oven after a chocolate bar kept in his pocket melted near an active magnetron. This small incident sparked a brilliant idea: why not use these microwaves to cook food quickly? This Easter, awaken your employees’ creativity with personalized chocolates!

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3. Chocolate Allegedly Has Superpowers

Consuming chocolate can stimulate the production of serotonin. This substance is responsible for our good mood and naturally helps combat stress. Preferably opt for dark chocolate, with 80% cocoa. For your next client meeting, add a sweet touch to the encounter by offering an Easter chocolate treat. Share the good mood and let chocolate be your ally at work!

4. Swiss Inventor Rodolphe Lindt Revolutionizes Chocolate

Before taking on the appearance we know today, chocolate was primarily consumed in the form of a beverage. In 1879, it was Rodolphe Lindt who would give chocolate its current flavor and texture. The Swiss master chocolatier invented a conching technique that involves kneading the chocolate for many hours to give it a smooth and creamy consistency. Then, the mixture is spread into tablet molds to give it the shape we now recognize!

Promotional Chocolate Is Worth Its Weight in Gold

A true luxury product, cocoa is a commodity traded on the stock market just like sugar or wheat. The price of a ton of cocoa beans is no longer dictated by producers but by supply and demand.

Fluctuations in the cocoa market not only reflect our taste preferences but also the complex dynamics of the global economy. That’s why at My Gift, we always advise you to prioritize ranges of chocolates from fair trade sources to make sure you are offering sustainable goodies. During this Easter period, use chocolate as a powerful communication tool while contributing to a more supportive, responsible, and environmentally friendly world.


Do you know the origin of chocolate?

The word “chocolate” comes from the Aztec word “xocolatl,” which translates to “bitter water.” Indeed, the Aztecs used to drink a bitter beverage made from cocoa beans and water. This drink was highly valued by the Aztecs and was even used as a form of currency.

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