Un porte-passeport aux couleurs noir à personnaliser avec logo d'entreprise

In 2024, surprise your clients and collaborators with creative office furnitures.

The branded calendar, advertising agenda, personalized notepad – customizable creative office furnitures remain highly appreciated and anticipated corporate promotional items at the beginning of the year 2024. As a practical corporate gift, the advertising agenda is a must-have to promote your brand image among professionals at trade shows, seminars, and client meetings.

Choosing useful goodies is not only a wise promotional practice but also a smart resolution for the new year. So, choose a personalized creative office furnitures from the beginning of the year to leave a memorable impression and start 2024 on the right foot!

Are you more of a personalized advertising calendar or a desktop agenda?

Every year, these two essentials of promotional office furnitures find their way into our offices to accompany us month after month.

The personalized recycled paper desk calendar is the ideal promotional gift for those who like to take quick notes. Also eagerly awaited, the advertising calendar in bank format, hung on the wall or placed on the desk, is not only a practical high-quality corporate gift but also a decorative element to highlight your brand.

Whether you choose a pocket-sized or XXL format, the branded agenda remains one of the favorite office and office furnitures accessories for professionals. Recording your ideas and, especially, your important appointments with a paper agenda is an effective way to memorize information, as handwriting promotes memorization.

A true indispensable work companion to not forget anything, the paper agenda slips into a backpack or a bag and accompanies you throughout the day. Whether you prefer a fortnightly, desktop, daily, or weekly advertising agenda, choose the best communication medium for your company!

The personalized premium calendar: the essential promotional gift for 2024.

Make an impression with quality office furnitures and tailor-made customization. 

It’s up to you to choose the customization style that suits your preferences: discreet and elegant or imposing and impactful. Entrust the expertise of My Gift’s Goodies Agency Geneva with the realization of the customization of corporate agendas and advertising calendars to be used as innovative personalized goodies.

Hot stamping, gilding, lamination, selective varnish on your logo – for a spectacular effect, our goodies experts will advise you on the best finishing touches. By your side, let’s create a customized luxury office furnitures that will daily awaken the spirit of your brand in the minds of your clients, partners, and collaborators.

Don’t forget your collaborators who love personalized advertising agendas.

When ordering your next advertising agenda, think of your colleagues. A beautiful office furnitures has the gift of delighting everyone, and your employees, in particular, will be delighted to be able to receive a personalized corporate agenda as part of their welcome pack.

The agenda in the colors of your company is much more than a simple office accessory; it can also be a promotional item that gives visibility to your brand during travel or client meetings.

And let’s not forget that the warm effect of a well-thought-out client gift endures. Offering personalized agendas is much more than a simple distribution of office supplies. It’s a way to show your teams that they are appreciated and valued.

Calendars and advertising agendas 2024: My Gift’s selection

In our exclusive selection of calendars and advertising agendas for the year 2024, My Gift offers you a unique customization experience.

The customizable 2024 agenda takes pride of place among our professional goodies, often becoming the essential gift offered to your collaborators and clients in anticipation of the new year.

Conscious of the importance of making an impression with quality gifts, we offer you an extensive range of office furnitures and desk accessories. Explore our premium Swiss-made offer, where the refinement of design and craftsmanship combine to create exceptional corporate agendas. Choosing a personalized agenda from our premium selection is choosing elegance and Swiss craftsmanship, associating your brand with an image of prestige and distinction.

For those who prefer an ecological approach, discover our selection of agendas made from recycled paper. Offering paper while promoting sustainable practices is possible. We offer agendas designed from environmentally friendly materials, while maintaining the professionalism and quality customization that make My Gift’s reputation.

Whether you opt for the sophisticated luxury of our Swiss-made agendas or the environmental responsibility of our recycled paper agendas, each product in our selection embodies our commitment to excellence and the environment. My Gift’s expertise is the promise of a personalized office furnitures that will make a sensation throughout the year 2024.

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