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Are you ready for your upcoming trade shows? My Gift shares its promotional goodies tips to effectively boost your visibility.


Are you considering participating in a trade show? The entire team at My Gift is here to help you shine at these major events! With our swiss goodies agency expertise in goodies and personalized advice, here are a few tips to optimize your presence at these essential business gatherings. Discover our strategies to leave a lasting impression, forge strong connections, and showcase your brand at trade shows.

Trade Shows and Fairs: Why Invest in Professional Events?


In the business world, trade shows and fairs represent invaluable opportunities to expand your network, showcase your products and services, and stay informed about the latest trends in your industry. These professional events are more than just gatherings; they offer a unique platform to stand out and establish valuable connections with clients or future partners, provided you anticipate your event and implement best practices with dedicated promotional items in Geneva and all regions of Switzerland

Plan to delight visitors with edible goodies

Personalized wrapped candies, promotional chocolate squares, logo-branded biscuits… Practical, delicious, and irresistible, edible goodies are a must-have at a trade show to attract visitors to your booth.

A beautiful table with snacks and beverages encourages interactions and enlivens your sales spaces. Use edible goodies to enhance your company’s image through an attractive presentation that aligns with your values. In the usual hustle and bustle of a trade show or fair, friendliness has its place to help you stand out.

Leave a lasting impression on prospects met during the trade show

Goodies are essential elements when participating in a trade show because they help anchor your brand in the minds of your visitors once they return home. Among the wise choices to consider, promotional pens with a logo, tote bags, or notebooks stand out for their usefulness and immediate visibility they offer.

In this top 3, the tote bag takes the first place: not only does it provide a practical solution for carrying documents and samples collected during the trade show, but it also acts as a mobile advertising medium. Worn by visitors daily, long after the event ends, it ensures continuous and extensive visibility for your brand.

Stylos logo objet personnalisé

Take advantage of the trade show to mobilize teams

On the booth of a trade show, those who hold it are obviously key elements to the brand’s success. With smiles, good spirits, and well-rehearsed speeches, the trade show becomes a highlight for the entire company. So, it’s up to you to cultivate this beautiful energy by offering quality personalized textiles, sporting the brand’s colors. To dress from head to toe, My Gift offers a wide range of promotional and eco-friendly textiles. Ask us for advice.

Opt for tech gadgets as goodies

USB keys, USB chargers, earphones, mini-connected fans: today, connectivity is essential, even at professional events.

Provide your visitors with technological goodies & innovative corporate gifts to meet their immediate needs and convey a modern and innovative image of your brand.

Un ensemble de goodies promotionnels technologiques composé d'écouteurs sans fil, de chargeur de téléphone, d'enceinte ou de support de téléphone du fournisseur SCX Design

Plan to refresh your business cards


Essential for closing a meeting, an original business card can set you apart from your competitors. Message, material, format: the business card reinvents itself according to your desires. Whether it’s biodegradable, seeded business cards, or 100% digital versions, challenge our goodies experts for unique business cards.

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