Local, Natural, Delicious

Healthy fabrication
A popcorn made from IP-Suisse corn that pops in a hot air machine so that the corn pops without fat. Healthy and light popcorn is obtained thanks to this method of fabrication.

Made in Switzerland
A unique savoir-faire and a craft production in the northern edge of Lausanne (VD). A Swiss company that supports local producers businesses.

Unique crispness
No more sticky popcorn, Be! Pop Corn developed a secret method of fabrication to obtain crispy popcorn without conservative, nor chemical additive.

Quality Packaging
A quality packaging that can be reused as a vase or pot for aromatic plants Be creative!

Delicious coating
Our popcorn is coated with 100% natural and delicious ingredients selected with the utmost care. No conservative or chemical additive are added to our product.
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