A celebration, a way to say thank you, or simply a way to show interest… There are many occasions that can accompany a promotional gift. Since we all tend to forget who gave us our gifts, it is crucial to maximize the effect. We want to help you make your promotional gift a memorable one. For every target, for every budget, for every occasion. A personalized gift set is always a great option, to get that SURPRISE EFFECT from your recipients!

And above all in a few steps for you :

Step 1, Item: Choose the item that you want to offer

Step 2, Decoration: Choose your decoration

Step 3, Individual print: Choose individual print on 1 item

Step 4, Sleeving: Add a customized sleeve around the products boxes

Step 5, Gift box design: Design your own gift box

Step 6, Shipment option: Individual home delivery

Simply choose to be well accompanied with MyGift

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